Who are we?

The HOOU project INTERSEX-KONTROVERS (headed by Dr Katinka Schweizer and Prof. Dr Peer Briken from the Institute for Sex Research and Forensic Psychiatry at the University Medical Centre Hamburg-Eppendorf) is supervised by Dr Katinka Schweizer in cooperation with Dr Ute Lampalzer and Eva Maria Köster.
If you have any suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact us at:
HOOU project group INTERSEX-KONTROVERS contact person: Dr Katinka Schweizer, Zentrum für Psychosoziale Medizin, Institut für Sexualforschung, Martinistr. 52, D-20246 Hamburg. k.schweizer@uke.de.


We would like to thank our cooperation partners who support and advise the project.
Our thanks go to Mirjam Bretschneider, Christian Kreitschmann and Ellen Pflaum, as well as Robin Manjiro and Marc Muckelberg for their didactic advice, technical support and assistance.

Unless otherwise stated, the texts on this blog come from Katinka Schweizer, Ute Lampalzer or Eva Maria Köster.

Dr. phil. Katinka Schweizer is a psychotherapist and sex researcher at the department of sex research and forensic psychiatry, University Medical Hospital Hamburg-Eppendorf. Moreover, she works at her own practice in Dagebüll/ Schleswig-Holstein. She lectures and researches in the field of identity, psychosexual development and intersex. She is also a docent and supervisor of the training of psychodynamic psychotherapy.

Katinka Schweizer


Dr. Ute Lampalzer, M.Sc. (Psychology)works as research assistant at the department of sex research and forensic psychiatry, University Medical Hospital Hamburg-Eppendorf. In 2005, she graduated in applied cultural sciences and in 2008, she finished her studies in business administration. She did her doctorate in the field of political economy and within the framework of a project called “Frühe deutschsprachige Nationalökonominnen” [“early German-speaking (female) national economists”] in 2013. In 2015, she contributed to the project „Kurzzeitbefragung zu Strukturen und Angeboten zur Beratung und Unterstützung bei Variationen der körperlichen Geschlechtsmerkmale“ [“Short-term survey on structures and offers regarding counselling and support of variants of sex characteristics”], sponsored by the BMFSFJ (direction: Dr. Katinka Schweizer & Prof Dr. Peer Briken). Her master thesis in psychology developed during accompanying research of the HOOU-project “intersex-kontrovers”.

Ute Lampalzer


Eva Maria Köster, M.Sc. (Psychology) studied at Maastricht University, the Netherlands, where she received a degree in a research master “psychopathology”. She started as intern at the department of sex research and forensic psychiatry, University Medical Hospital Hamburg-Eppendorf where she is now working as research assistant within the HOOU-project “intersex-kontrovers” (direction: Dr. Katinka Schweizer).

Eva Maria Köster


Catherine Schwerin is a freelance translator and editor based in Melbourne, Australia. Her qualifications include a BA(Hons) in German, a Graduate Diploma in Education, and an MA in Applied Linguistics and English Language and Literature from the University of Hamburg, where she worked for 18 years as a language lecturer, before returning to Australia in 2014.

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