Specialist perspective


  • Documents from the specialist conference held by the Federal Anti-Discrimination Agency 2015
  • Survey result report of the short-term survey on the need for intersex counselling (Schweizer, Lampalzer, Handford, Briken, 2015)

Interviews with various experts

Dr Ute Lampalzer has interviewed experts who have been dealing professionally with the topics of intersex, body and gender for a long time. We would like to thank the interview partners for their time and openness and for their consent to publication.

Dr Michael Groneberg, philosopher

Prof. Dr phil. Konstanze Plett, lawyer

Dr med. Wilhelm Preuss, psychiatrist and sexual researcher

Fabian Vogler, sculptor

Dr phil. Katinka Schweizer, psychologist

Lecture by gynaecologist Prof. Dr Sonia Grover

In June 2017, gynaecologist Prof. Dr Sonia Grover gave a lecture on the intersex debate during a colloquium at the University Medical Centre Hamburg-Eppendorf. The presentation was recorded, and a podcast of the recording can be found [in German] here.