Parent perspective

Being parents

“So, what is it then?”

Parents of a newborn usually encounter this question first of all. At their annual meeting in 2017, a group of parents from the self-help groups “Eltern-XY-Frauen” [Parents-ofXY-Women] and “Eltern-Intersexueller-Menschen” [Parents-ofIntersex-People] compiled a text for this blog to illustrate the situation of parents of intersex children:

“For the parents, the birth of every child is a time full of emotional outbursts and changes in life. If the sex of the child is then described as “indeterminate”, if the visible sex does not fit into any pigeonhole, if the child cannot be classified either as clearly male or as clearly female, many questions arise for those affected. Often there are no quick or easy answers to these questions. This “not knowing” makes you insecure […].”

Read more [in German] here.  More detailed information surrounding “Variations in sex development” can be found in the Broschüre von Eltern für Eltern [Brochure by Parents for Parents] (sample for download).