Die Katze wäre eher ein Vogel [The cat would rather be a bird] by Melanie Jilg (2007) is a visual audio play in which four people with different intersex experiences have their say. More information can be found here.

Genderauts by Monika Treut (1999) portrays American artists with experiences of gender variance, including an intersex individual. “A Journey Through Shifting Identities…”

Hermes and Aphrodite (2013) is an animated short film by Gregor Zootzky, which premiered in Cologne. You can watch the movie on YouTube here.

In Tintenfischalarm [Octopus Alarm] by Elisabeth Scharang  (2006), Alex Jürgen tells his_her moving story as an intersex person during a trip to San Francisco. Alex Jürgen is the founder of the Austrian self-help group VIMÖ.

XXY (2007) tells the story of Alex. Alex is 15 and intersex, living happily with her_his parents close to nature on an island in Ecuador. Until one day a visit comes from the mainland… The award-winning film is by the Argentinian film maker Lucia Puenzo.

Other movies

  • Between the Lines (2005) by Thomas Wartmann
  • Both (2005) by Lisset Barcellos
  • Das Verordnete Geschlecht [The Prescribed Sex] (2001) by Oliver Tolmein and Bertram Rotermund
  • Erik & Erika (2018) by Reinhold Bilgeri