About the project

Idol and Superform (photo and sculpture: Fabian Vogler)

Gender is far more complex than is often assumed. There are physical, psychological, social and cultural aspects of gender. What determines the sex of a human being? Who decides on assigning the sex of a child at birth? How important is gender anyway?
Dealing with intersex raises many fundamental questions. In the first instance, these mainly concern the parents and their children, as well as adolescents and adults with congenital variations in body sex. But don’t these questions affect all people?

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On this Hamburg Open Online University (HOOU) blog, we aim to inform you about the topic of intersex and congenital variations in physical sex characteristics – as well as give access to different points of view, answer questions and show gaps in knowledge.
This will be guided by the four core principles of the HOOU: scientifically Well founded, Open, Relevant for and cooperating with civil society, and in support of learner-oriented Knowledge transfer.